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Crisis Communication at the University of Louisville

University Spokesperson

The person who functions as spokesperson in a crisis serves as an official information source for the news media.

All U of L information should be released through a single spokesperson to minimize the risk of conflicting information. It is essential for the spokesperson to be kept informed of all facts and developments in a crisis, so that he or she will be viewed by reporters as useful and credible.

In crises of prolonged duration, a back-up spokesperson may need to be appointed to relieve the initial spokesperson. This can work effectively as long as each briefs the other after his or her respective "shift."

Authorized spokespersons for the university are:

  1. John Drees , associate vice president, Communications and Marketing
  2. Denise Fitzpatrick, director, Media Relations
  3. Ellen de Graffenreid , director, Health Sciences Communications and Marketing (health-related matters)

In each crisis, Communications and Marketing and will determine which of the four individuals listed above can best serve as spokesperson, or whether another person at the university should logically have that role.