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Crisis Communication at the University of Louisville

How to Notify Communications and Marketing in an Emergency

It is the policy of the Communications and Marketing to respond quickly in campus emergencies that are likely to generate substantial media coverage.

Three Communications and Marketing representatives are authorized to respond in such cases: John Drees, associate vice president; national media relations director Denise Fitzpatrick and Ellen de Graffenreid, director, Health Sciences Communications and Marketing (health-related matters). Under the unit's leave policy, one of the three must be on duty at any given time.

Here is the procedure for notifying Communications and Marketing in an emergency:

During the Workday

  1. Call Communications and Marketing on Belknap Campus, (502) 852-6171, and ask for Drees.
  2. If Drees is unavailable, ask for Fitzpatrick.
  3. If Drees and Fitzpatrick are unavailable, ask for de Graffenreid. (She may also be reachable at Communications and Marketing's HSC office, (502) 852-7504 or (502) 852-2647.)

After Hours, Weekends, or Holidays

  1. Call Drees at home, (502) 937-4799, or cell phone, (502) 553-9793. If he does not answer, leave a message. If there is no response within five minutes...
  2. Call Fitzpatrick at home, (812) 944-4667, or cell phone (502) 553-9792. If she does not answer, leave a message. If she does not respond within 5 minutes...
  3. Call de Graffenreid at (502) 594-6014.

NOTE: If Communications and Marketing has been alerted that an emergency might develop after hours, Drees and/or Fitzpatrick may leave further instructions on their home answering machines.