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Full Story: Mending Little Hearts

Mending Little Hearts

By Michael Jackman

The pCAS pump and other pediatric heart devices under development by U of L's George Pantalos and colleagues offer hope for thousands of infants born each year with congenital heart defects.

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Full Story: Bones Of Contention

Bones of Contention

By Janene Zaccone

When he's not digging for fossils in the Gobi Desert and other faraway lands, U of L's Guillermo Rougier wades into a scientific debate on the origin of the middle ear, a key feature of mammals.

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Full Story: Watershed Moment

Watershed Moment

By Todd Wetzel

U of L law professor Tony Arnold works to blend laws that protect watersheds and preserve property rights.

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Full Story: Accident...Or Abuse

Accident ... or Abuse

By Kevin Rayburn

Researchers use crash test dummies and other tools to find answers and help doctors and nurses protect battered kids.

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Full Story: Toxic Time Bomb

Toxic Time Bomb

By Kevin Rayburn

How someone is "raised" before birth may mark that person for disease after birth. Thomas Knudsen's team studies the links between early toxic exposure and adult development of cancer, diabetes and more.

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Full Story: Of Sackbuts And Sausage Bassoons

Of Sackbuts and Sausage Bassoons

By Kevin Rayburn

The sometimes strange sounds of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance are music to Jack Ashworth's ears. His mission is to study and teach ancient music.

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Full Story: Fighting For Voting Rights

Fighting for Voting Rights

By Kevin Rayburn

Recent Kent School of Social Work students found the government not always amenable to ex-felons trying to restore their voting rights.

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