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U of L STAR Program helps children with Autism

Six year old Jovanna loves to read and play and she gets along well with her teacher Devon Gross. But it has taken hard work from school and at home to get jo—who is autistic—to this point.

Myrna Rose

"When she was one she shut down for four months. she did not walk until she was 15 months, made no eye contact."

Jo's grandmother, Myrna Rose, got help from the Fayette County Schools and the University of Louisville's STAR Program.

Dr. Lisa Ruble

"We don't go in as the expert. We rely on the team and how to come up with the best strategies."

Lisa Ruble is the program director. Through clinical services, outreach training and research, ruble has been able to develop ways to implement programs to help teachers and parents work with autistic children.

Ruble continues

"After a child is diagnosed, we want to offer family services. We have those programs of social skills and behavioral management available."

Rose continues<.h3>

"Mrs. Gross and Dr. Ruble came and we decided how to get to the goals and Jo mastered them."

Insurance doesn't often cover treatment because autism is behavioral not medical. And finding providers isn't always easy. Ruble and her team have a good idea of identifying behaviors associated with Autism. And getting it to teachers and parents is vital.

Devon Gross

"Our interaction and goals helped to tell us where she needed help. She doesn't always ask for help. And this helped us work on a way to control when she got upset."

Rose continues

"Autistic kids are not ignorant. They learn differently. It's a slower process."

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