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Challenge For Excellence

From the University of Louisville, this is UofL now. Your football Cardinals aren't the only Louisville team receiving national recognition. From African American Theater to spinal cord injury research; from molecular cardiology to the Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center—there are more than 20 nationally recognized research and professional programs at UofL. Reaching that number is part of the Challenge for Excellence. The challenge is the university's goal to become a preeminent metropolitan research university. Ten of the 11 goals of the challenge are accomplished and that's why president Dr. Jim Ramsey wants the entire campus to celebrate.

Dr. Jim Ramsey

"The people on this campus need to celebrate and understand how significant the achievements we've made over the last several years really are."

Students, faculty and staff are invited to a celebration on the oval Friday, September 15th. The party marks all the significant strides UofL has made in meeting the challenge.

Dr. Ramsey continues

"Everyone has worked hard. It has been a campus effort… And we need to pause and say wow, we've done it. It's incredible the things we've been able to accomplish. We're gonna celebrate and step back and look at all we've been able to achieve in a short period of time."

For more information on the celebration go to I'm Brad Knoop for the University of Louisville. This is what's happening at UofL now.

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