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New leader at UofL's School of Medicine

From the University of Louisville this is UofL now. A star recruit has joined the University of Louisville's stellar list of college deans. And UofL stole him away from Duke University. Dr. Ed Halperin will become the new dean of UofL's School of Medicine in November.

Dr. Jim Ramsey

"Dr. Ed Halperin clearly emerged as the strongest candidate in a strong field. Ed has a great background in medicine, did his work at Yale, been at Duke for 23 years. He's an outstanding clinician, outstanding educator, and outstanding researcher. Has been vice dean for Duke Med School for a number of years. So we're excited he'll head our School of Medicine. The School of Medicine has a great tradition at U of L. We're building on it everyday and Ed is going to take us to the next level, no question about that."

Dr. Halperin served as Vice Dean and Professor of Radiation Oncology, Pediatrics and Medical Education at Duke's medical school. Home to top notch faculty and brilliant researchers making medical discoveries, the School of Medicine is a key part of the University of Louisville meeting the challenge for excellence. For more information on the challenge, go to I'm Brad Knoop for the University of Louisville. This is what's happening at UofL now.

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