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Kids having trouble getting to sleep?

Five-year-old Marchelle is getting help going to sleep. She had surgery to treat obstructive apnea. Now she's working on a better nightly routine.

Valerie Crabtree

"Her family wakes up very early for her and her brother to get to school so their mom can get to work."

Valerie Crabtree is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Louisville.

Crabtree continues

"She was going to bed late, but now she's in school and she can't sleep in."

Crabtree works in the U of L Pediatric Sleep Medicine Clinic. And many of the kids who come in are having trouble getting in a routine when school resumes.

Crabtree adds

"We see a lot of people after school starts. Their schedules are flexible during the summer and they try to shift back to a routine when school begins. It doesn't work."

For Marchelle, going to bed earlier right away wasn't the way to start. Instead she goes to bed a little later to avoid stalling.

Crabtree again

"She would cry, get up, but now she doesn't get put in bed until she falls asleep. It cuts down on fighting, curtain calls, etc."

Crabtree says kids like Marchelle need a lot of sleep. Adequate sleep for a five-year-old is ten hours per night. She also says keeping the same sleep pattern during the weekends could help eliminate problems during the week.

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