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Students finally get to work at Cressman Center

Amanda Briede, Senior Fine Arts Major

"I took glass blowing just because. I was in the class for one month and I changed my major to glass. I just fell in love with it."

Che' Rhodes, Assistant Professor of Glass

"It's really unique. You don't find many Art programs this visible in the community. They come by and talk to the students. They see how artwork begins, finishes, and is presented all in one place.

"John and Amanda are two advanced students in our Art program. It's really interesting to see students come in with no manual dexterity, no concept of how glass is made. Then they start to understand the process of it and more importantly the creative concepts that go into making artwork."

"The process of building the furnaces is something every serious glass maker should know or understand."

Briede continues

"Brick by brick. Cutting bricks. Mortaring them together. Cutting metal."

Rhodes adds

"The students took over a lot of the work."

Briede again

"Cleaning, welding."

Rhodes continues

"I'm proud of them. They made this happen."

Briede adds

"I learned so much about how it works. But there's nothing like finally getting in here and blowing glass."

Rhodes again

"They work the glass at 2150 degrees. They charge the furnace at 2375 degrees. That's the temperature required for melting glass. It's a highly volatile environment."

Briede concludes

"I'm so proud of this place because I helped build it. I can come back and say I helped. It's great for the Arts scene in Louisville to move downtown."

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