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Center for Predictive Medicine groundbreaking

Dr. Jim Ramsey

"Spencer Jackson, Sarah Law and Dylan McHale if you all will come up on stage. Spencer you will go first. Let's encourage these fine young people."

Spencer Jackson

"The importance of a biosafety lab by me, Spencer Jackson."

"There are some important things in life but the most important in my book is being healthy. Just think about it. If you are not healthy you have to sit around in a recliner and take medicine and sleep, sleep, sleep all day until you get better. You can't play basketball, baseball, soccer or any of those fun sports. How boring would that be? If we have a biosafety lab we could come up with all the vaccines we do not have to help people play the sports they want to play. My aunt had cancer and she said it isn't fun one bit. I believe her. She's getting better, but when she was bad she had to sit around for a very long time. It was like a long cold but worse. See, if we, in the biosafety lab could actually make a vaccine for cancer, people wouldn't have to go through what my aunt went through. And cancer wouldn't be chronic it would be acute. Another reason for the biosafety lab would be to stop diseases quicker than normal. Like cancer. Cancer spreads through the body if you do not treat it early enough. See, if we could recognize, "Hey, this person has cancer." We could stop it in its tracks before it spreads anywhere else. So that virus, like I said could be stopped or treated quicker than normal. The next reason I think we need a biosafety lab is because a ton of people die from these diseases. If we make vaccines for those diseases people are dying from, we can cut the number of people dying down a lot. Plus, say a famous or important person has an illness and is on the verge of dying. We could save him with an antibiotic we made in the biosafety lab and he can live to see another day. We have this lab and hopefully put it to good use. I hope we will save a ton of lives."

Sara Loehle

"There is a new bio lab being constructed on Shelby Campus. Scientists in the community have decided to build a lab because it will be the safest place to handle these viruses and diseases that cause infectious bacteria. It is necessary to handle these diseases in the lab because they are very contagious, which could cause people to get sick and possibly die. An outbreak of a disease could have a serious effect on the population of humans and animals in the community. The scientists avoid getting the diseases by wearing special hoods and clothing that protect their bodies from diseases and chemicals. They also stay safe by handling the diseases in a secure case called a biological safety cabinet. Having this lab will help scientists feel confident when handling such dangerous materials. Through their research scientists will handle vaccinations that will prevent chronic illnesses that will continue to effect the human immune system. New medicines can be created. These treatments help produce antibodies which strengthen the human immune system against diseases. These medicines lead to cures, giving hope for the future. People of all ages, young and old, can benefit from this lab's research."

Dylan McHale

"When I was just 13 months old I found out I had spinal meningitis. This is a disease where streptococcal pneumonia settles in your brain and neck instead of your throat. If it were not for researchers researching this disease in a biosafety lab just like this one I probably wouldn't be speaking before you now. These researchers and doctors tested me first to see what I had. Then researchers had to find an antibody or medicine to help me get rid of my meningitis. They had to do a spinal tap to get spinal fluid to find out what germ was causing my illness. Even though this germ can cause strep throat, it settled in my spine and brain instead. It took eleven days to find this antibiotic but finally they found it. If the right one had not been found, I could have been disabled, deaf or even dead. The antibiotic was found in a biosafety lab just like this one. If it weren't for biosafety labs to research diseases and illnesses I may not be here today and as healthy as I am."

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