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UofL Now: Attracting the best students

From the University of Louisville, this is UofL Now. Good recruits. We have them on the football field and in our classrooms. For five stright years, UofL's freshman class has scored well above the national average on the ACT exam. And, the average high school GPA for freshmen is 3.5. Here's what UofL President, Doctor Jim Ramsey, says about attracting the best students.

Dr. Jim Ramsey, UofL President

"We've become a college of choice. When you get better students, they attract better students. So while we're not focused on quanity, we're focused on quality… We're gonna make sure every student who comes here has the opportunity for a quality education and opportunity. We can't guarantee success. Students have to come with their game faces on and be ready to work and meet expectations. But they're gonna have the opportunities to be successful."

This year, UofL welcomed its largest and most academically gifted freshman class ever. This is what's happening at UofL Now.

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