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UofL Now: Shelby Campus growth key to UofL mission

From the University of Louisville, this is UofL Now. UofL's Shelby Campus in east Louisville is becoming an important gateway for business development and research. One example is UofL's Center for Predictive Medicine, which is under construction and will serve as a research hub for studying biological diseases. UofL president, Doctor Jim Ramsey, says the growth of the Shelby Campus is one more example of how the university is turning an underutilized asset into a performing one.

Dr. Jim Ramsey, UofL President

"Shelby Campus is a great piece of land… We want businesses and research. We have things there now where we do forensics research for Metro Police, Fayette County, State Police and the FBI. We started construction on the biosafety lab. So, overtime, working with private developers, we're gonna turn this into a vibrant campus that we hope will generate revenue for UofL to help us meet the cost of our academic mission."

Shelby Campus is already home to the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning, which offers HAZMAT training for emergency responders, business seminars and classes. Other highlights on the campus include an FBI computer forensics lab and the Information Technology Research Center. This is what's happening at UofL Now.

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