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UofL Now: Signature Partnership Initiative

From the University of Louisville, this is UofL Now. UofL's Signature Partnership program helps residents of west Louisville in many ways. For example, a mobile health unit brings UofL dentists to west Louisville communities for dental check ups. And school kids are learning engineering basics from Speed School engineers. UofL President, Dr. Jim Ramsey, says the Signature Partnership initiative is a vital outreach program aimed at a community facing many challenges.

Dr. Jim Ramsey, UofL President

"We're very proud of our signature partnership initiative, that's our west end initiative where we're committed to taking the resources of UofL and improve economic opportunity and quality of life of people in that community. We're doing that in healthcare, through education, through economic development and through social services."

UofL works with more than 35 west Louisville community organizations through the Signature Partnership Initiative. This is what's happening at UofL Now.

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