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Hart Exhibit turns campus into a gallery

From the University of Louisville, this is UofL Now. Take a walk through the UofL campus right now and you'll be touring some of the great pieces of art by legendary sculptor Frederick Hart. Hart became world famous for his sculpture on the west facade of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. and the bronze statue of the Three Soldiers at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. John Begley is the gallery director for the University of Louisville's Hite Art Galleries. He discusses the Frederick Hart exhibit at UofL.

John Begley, Hite Art Galleries

"He is part of a great figurative sculpture tradition. UofL has one of those in the Thinker in front of Grawemeyer hall. Hart's sculpture of the Three Soldiers in Washington is just as famous as the Thinker. His work is very easy to relate across the cirriculum here at UofL. There are special classes in Humanities like anatomy and drawing, 3d drawing, a memorials and monuments class that really show what this great American artist was really about. Plus, this exhibit has drawn a number of scholars to our campus who are studying his work."

The exhibit runs through November 17th. Begley says group tours, school tours and even audio tours are available. Go to for more information. This is what's happening at UofL now.

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