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UofL Dental School reaches out through Smile Kentucky

Aleighia Barker, 4th year Dental student

"Does anything hurt in your mouth, any of your teeth hurt at all? Um Uh. Good deal. I'm going to take a quick look in there."

"My name is Aleighia Barker. I'm a fourth year dental school student at the University of Louisville. I graduate in May and from there I'm doing a pediatric residency."

"This is my tooth counter and a mirror, ok? I'm just going to count your teeth, ok? So I need you to open up real big for me. Good job. You're a big helper."

"Smile Kentucky starts in the fall. We go around screening kids at various schools. They take a mobile van around and we do screenings at elementary schools and middle schools. Then Smile Kentucky is one day a year. They bring kids in from schools in the surrounding metro areas and we give them free dental care. Whatever their needs are. It could be fillings or cleanings or just exams, x-rays, whatever their needs are, we do as much as we can on this day."

"This little red juice isn't the best tasting stuff but I need you to put it in your mouth and swish it around a little bit. It's going to show us where you're missing your brushing."

"I've loved kids from the beginning. My mom's a schoolteacher and I always went with her to school. I love kids. My dad's a dentist. It's kind of the best of both worlds."

"Open up. Close and spit. Good job. That's funny. I'm going to go get you a mirror so you can see where you're not brushing too good, ok? Your mouth's all red and pink. It's kind of funny looking. Hold on one second."

"It looks good. I didn't see any cavities. He maybe could do some sealants on the molars."

"There are a lot of kids that are in need who aren't getting the treatment they need. This is one small thing, but a big dent in the community. It brings awareness and publicity to get the kids in and get the work done."

"Alright, hop up. Come on, we have to go take some pictures of those teeth. Ready to go?"

"It's a very rewarding day."

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