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UofL Health Care physicians see patients anytime, anywhere

Dr. Larry Cook, Executive VP for Health Affairs

"As an academic medical center, part of our responsibility is to make our very unique and very precious technologies available to communities that aren't fortunate enough or can't afford to have them."

"When I saw the robot technology, and the resolution, it just seemed to me that this was a way almost overnight for us to create an interactive presence of a broad number of our faculty at these western and central Kentucky communities that depend on that expertise."

"One of the disciplines we have chosen to roll out this robot program is in the area of stroke. There is a lot of visual diagnosis associated with stroke. We have very great expertise. As you know, we had the first stroke center in the commonwealth of Kentucky."

"The robot gives us an instantaneous presence of UofL Health Care in these facilities and it enables such a real time, life-like interaction that we have heard again and again and again from patients who have been involved with the robot technology, that it's literally like having one of our doctors at their bedside."

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