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Smile Kentucky

It's a busy day for the dentists.

300 children from schools around Louisville say "Ahhh" and get everything from routine exams to fillings.

It's the third year for the smile Kentucky program.

It's designed for kids who don't get to the dentist that often.

"The kids who need work, don't have insurance, aren't getting work done. Their parents can't get it taken care of. We bus them in, we have volunteer dentists, hygienists and students and treat their most pressing needs at the moment."

Doctor Kimberly Hansford of Louisville's School of Dentistry says this program actually began months ago during a free screening at the schools.

Dentists, hygienists and volunteers around the community help take care of the kids' teeth.

And for the first time U of L students went to work in this clinical environment.

"We've incorporated students as well as volunteers, taking students who are comfortable with kids and let them treat the kids."

"They were excited to do that. They don't like just sitting back and watching. They got to jump in and feel like they contribute more."

The Smile Kentucky program is part of a larger program around the country, coordinated by the American dental association.

Hansford says each year more schools call wanting to participate in the Smile Kentucky program.

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