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Brackets become 'work' for some employees during March Madness

Basketball teams begin the march for a national championship.

And copy machines turn out bracket after bracket.

A research study from last year says the time workers used to fill out their brackets, check scores on line, and chat about the games cost some companies over a billion dollars in productivity.

"I don't think it will have a significant hit on productivity because most people are still gong to do their job."

Doctor Frank Kuzmits, a professor of management at the University of Louisville, disagrees with those estimates.

Kuzmits says most companies aren't concerned about losing money during tournament time--and they shouldn't be.

"Studies also show employees during an eight hour day are going to take 10-20 percent of that time engaging in non-work behavior."

"What we're doing during the tournament is shifting that behavior around that you don't spend on your job. If they weren't concerned with the NCAA tournament, it might be shopping on the internet at work, or chatting with friends and family."

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