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Doctor William Spanos heads radiation oncology at Louisville's James Graham Brown Cancer Center. He says the new Tomotherapy system delivers precision radiation to its patients.

Dr. William Spanos

"This has the capability in imaging what we're treating."

It's groundbreaking technology that zeros in on cancer cells while avoiding healthy surrounding tissue. 3-D imaging is gathered before each treatment to double-check the location of a patient's tumor. The radiation beam is then delivered right to the target area and dodges the healthy tissue nearby.

Dr. Spanos continues.

"It has the ability to reproduce every day down to millimeters, the accuracy of set up. Very carefully designed treatment volumes are being reproduced day to day."

The technology gives doctors the confidence that what they planned to treat and what's actually being treated are the same thing.

Dr. Spanos adds.

"We have confidence in believing we are treating what we're treating. The day to day treatment is matching what was designed. You can design something on paper, but ultimately the treatment itself is what matters to the patient."

Since July 2004, 26 patients have used the Tomotherapy treatment in Louisville.

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