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U of L doctors help seizure patients through surgery

Dr. Pradeep Modur

"Her seizures come from this region, near the visual cortex…"

Doctor Pradeep Modur of the University of Louisville is describing a patient who suffers from seizures, and he's found out exactly where to go to solve the problem. Modur uses electrodes placed inside the brain to record when and where seizures occur.

Dr. Modur adds

"The idea behind the surgery is to identify the part that causes seizures and completely take it out. As long as there is no other part that is also producing seizures, you expect a cure. We have to make sure the part producing the seizure is not eloquent in other words it does not serve an important function of the body."

The grid of electrodes is connected to a computer and monitored for about two weeks. During that time, Modur measures the number of seizures a patient has and where in the brain they're located.

Dr. Modur continues

"No magic number of seizures. Let's say there are three seizures and all look to be the same and are from the same part of the brain and grid. We feel pretty confident that is the source of the seizures. The most common come from the temporal lobe…"

But they don't all happen there. That's why a number of tests and MRI scans are done first to give doctors an idea of which part of the brain to place the electrodes.

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