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U of L Hospital's Primary Stroke Center

This is Brad Knoop for the University of Louisville. Stay tuned for U of L Now.

University of Louisville Hospital's Stroke Center is the first center in Kentucky to become a certified primary stroke center.

Here's Dr. Kerri Remmel

"EMS is an important part of primary stroke center certification. And then rapid assessment and treatment of patients."

Dr. Kerri Remmel directs U of L's Stroke Center. She says innovative treatments are being used to help reverse symptoms of stroke if treated on time. But the first step in stroke care is for the patient to recognize the symptoms.

Dr. Kerri Remmel again.

"The five most common warning signs of stroke are sudden onset of weakness or numbness of one side of the body; sudden change in vision or loss of vision; dizziness or imbalance; sudden and severe headache with no known cause; and sudden onset of difficulty expressing words or understanding."

Doctor Remmel says U of L's Stroke Center works with other hospitals in Kentucky to improve stroke care in the state. Only about fifty stroke centers nationwide are certified as primary stroke care centers.

This is U of L Now.

And I'm Brad Knoop for the University of Louisville.

Dare to be Great.

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