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Kids and sports injuries

The beginning of the season for most kids is when the weather warms up. But that's not the case for every young athlete. Some children spend time throughout the year working on their sport, learning new techniques. They may also be pushing too hard, too soon.

Dr. Kent Adams

"Little league pitchers throwing out their arms and having elbow surgery at a young age. There's no excuse for that. It's a reflection of overuse."

Dr. Kent Adams is an exercise physiologist at the University of Louisville. He says parents need to be careful about letting their kids take part in year-round training.

Adams continues

"Specialization too early is not a good thing. A child needs to develop a foundation of skills and abilities, develop basic strength, power, endurance, and work that into specialized skill development as well."

Adams says age isn't the key in determining when a child is ready for more training. All kids mature at different rates.

Adams adds

"A child develops skills all the time. As they age and gain maturation there are additional techniques that can then be employed."

The bottom line is overuse is harmful no matter what the age. A young, growing human body needs time to rest and recover.

Adams again

"In the beginning it's about developing a foundational repertoire of skills, teaching fun and enjoying the activity and lifestyle because very few make it on to professional sports."

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