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Kent School engages in an exclusive deal with China

This is Brad Knoop for the University of Louisville.

Stay tuned for U of L Now.

For nearly seventy years U of L's Kent School of Social Work has provided training in social work education. The school boasts a 15 year old international program and recently became the only American university to work with China's Ministry of Civil Affairs to develop a professional social work training system there.

Kent School Professor Tom Lawson.

"We provide background of our social policy, our social work systems and training, and they do on site visits of various agencies all over Kentucky to give them hands on experience of how we do things here. It's a dual program, both academic and practical."

The program is designed to help the country as it continues to strive for a more marketable economy.

Dr. Terry Singer, Kent School Dean

"It was an interesting process because as we sat around the table with them, they said, 'we know Harvard. Tell us about Louisville.'"

He says providing social work education to so many countries over the years set the tone for this exclusive relationship to help the world's most populated country.

Dr. Singer again

"The University of Louisville is constantly finding niches that make us number one. We are finding it in sports and in medicine and other areas. This is another avenue where we find our way into something nobody else has done. It's another way of the university reaching for excellence and we're proud to be a part of that."

The program is set for five years, but singer wants the university to have some role beyond that time.

This is U of L Now and I'm Brad Knoop for the University of Louisville.

Dare to be great.

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