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NIH Grant awarded for Cardiovascular Research

Dr. Jim Ramsey

"This is the largest nationally competitive program project grant that the N.I.H. has awarded to the University of Louisville. This grant is so significant in many ways, in terms of the magnitude of the award. And it's more significant even in the fact that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and hospitalization in the United States. The American Heart Association estimates that the total cost is at more than 142 billion dollars. The research being done here at the University of Louisville by Dr. Bolli and his entire team at the Institute of Molecular Cardiology is important to the people of this community, this state and our entire country and nation."

Dr. Roberto Bolli

"The overall theme of this grant is to devise novel treatments for ischemic heart disease, which is the disease caused by lack of blood supply due to blocks in the heart vessels. The major manifestation of ischemic heart disease are heart attacks. So this is a huge public health problem. As Dr. Ramsey mentioned, there are every year 1.2 million Americans who experience a heart attack. Many of them develop heart failure as a consequence of that and eventually come disabled or die. At least 500 thousand Americans die every year of heart attack and this is by far the single biggest in all western society."

Dr. Laura Sweitzer

"The reviewers share their written evaluations with the p.i.'s. The reviewers, who are top scientists in the field, called the research by Dr. Bolli and his group highly innovative with potential for very high impact. They reported that this research has the potential to move treatments of heart disease from the laboratory to the patient. They also noted that strategically the individual research programs that make up this grant will create synergy in the field of cardiovascular research."

Dr. Bolli continues

"I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with outstanding scientists and all the others who have made all of this possible."

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