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Multidisciplinary program at U of L helps medically underserved throughout Kentucky

Doctor Richard Aud is training some students who have never been in his classroom. he's in U of L's School of Medicine. Some of these students are studying dentistry and social work. It's part of the Kentucky Inter-disciplinary Community Screenings—or KICS-- program administered by U of L.

Dr. Richard Aud, U of L School of Medicine

"If you want to learn the strength of any discipline you need to see what they do first hand. That's what students have the opportunity to do."

Teams consist of students from U of L's Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, and its Kent School of Social Work. They travel to rural areas of Kentucky delivering health care to those considered medically underserved.

Dr. Aud continues

"People we're seeing are folks who fall through the cracks, don't have access or the comprehensiveness of a program. They get a complete medical exam, eye exam, dental evaluation, social stressors, assess their health risk factors and try to educate them."

The students conduct screenings for one week at each location. The program includes follow ups to see whether or not the patients are using any of the team's recommendations.

Dr. Aud adds

"A lot of it is teaching people what their problems are. If all you've done is identify the problem and you've not given them tools to address it then you have not done them a favor."

For the students, it's a hands-on experience and it allows them to see professionals in other fields in action.

Dr. Aud again

"It's an opportunity to learn the value of colleagues who are tremendous benefit to us and the patients, and it's beneficial to us learning to steal some of their tools of their trades."

The KICS program has benefited more than three thousand patients since it began in 1993.

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