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Marketing students learn business outside the classroom

From The University of Louisville, this is U of L Now. I'm Brad Knoop.

Senior Virginina Jones

"I think we sent out about 40 packages with 65 shirts, and I don't think we sent out 20 shirts last year…"

Virginia Jones is a senior Marketing major from Radcliff. She works for a student run business called the Redshirt Company. Their product is the RedShirt, a t-shirt with a new design every year that adds to the hype of the new school year and sports season.

Senior Jeremy Gehrman

"The mission is to build community and tradition within U of L."

Senior Jeremy Gehrman is one of about 50 Marketing students in U of L's College of Business who work for the company. They design the shirt, make sales calls, and track inventory. It takes their education out of the classroom and into the real world.

Here's senior Mindy Pugh.

"We just switched from an LLC to a non profit, and just seeing that, how to get that trademark. You can learn in the classroom, but to see the process happen is incredible."

Senior Brittany Schaefer says it has given her practical work experience as she approaches graduation.

"This has given me a great real life experience I can take with me to interview for any job."

Gehrman again

"Seeing people at the games wearing the red shirts. That's our goal—to have 35-40 thousand people at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium wearing the red shirt."

For more information about the RedShirt call 852-3393 or go to

The price is $15 per shirt and all proceeds go to a scholarship in the College of Business.

This is U of L Now. And I'm Brad Knoop for the University of Louisville. Dare to be Great.

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