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Students run the show at the RedShirt Company

Virginia Jones, U of L senior

"I organize events and sell RedShirts…"

Mindy Pugh, U of L senior

"I do budgeting, make sure cash flow is OK and we can order shirts…"

Matt Thomson, U of L senior

"Meeting people, companies we work with, it's networking…"

While their product goes through the assembly line, members of the Redshirt Company update each other on the job. These marketing students at the University of Louisville are getting front line business experience by running their own company.

Brittany Schafer, U of L senior

"You get to see finance, distribution, marketing, everything you need to keep a business running."

Buddy La Forge is a professor of marketing at U of L. He oversees the company but lets the students run the show.

Buddy La Forge, Marketing Professor

"They do learn certain concepts and skills in class. For example, they learn relationships with customers. Now they actually have to go build those relationships and learn to negotiate."

Jeremy Gehrman, U of L senior

"It's one thing to go in class and hear about what you should do but getting put in the situation of trying to do it, and walk out the door and do it."

The company's goal is to create community and tradition at the university. The students want to see everyone in redshirts. They are certainly making progress, selling five times as many shirts this year as they did in their first year. Proceeds from the sales of the shirts go to scholarships in the college of business.

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