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Summer Medical and Dental Education Program

From the University of Louisville, this is U of L Now.

The Summer Medical and Dental Education Program coming in June to U of L offers six weeks of training for eighty Pre-Med and Pre-Dental students. Mary Joshua is the Associate Director of Health Sciences Special Programs.

Mary Joshua

"It's a wonderful opportunity to bring a large number of minority and rural students into our professional school so they can become more motivated and prepared."

The students will learn how math and Science fit into Medicine and Dentistry. They will also visit clinics and get first hand experience, seeing doctors and dentists in the workplace. Dr. Faye Jones is the Associate Dean for Minority and Rural Affairs.

Dr. Faye Jones

"It puts us at a level we may not be seen with, now nationally seen with Yale, Howard, Duke, as competitive as any university of that caliber…We will still continue our outreach. We want everyone to know we are just as capable to train people just as well as these universities people are more familiar with."

U of L takes the program further by offering three hours of course credit to go along with free housing and meals. U of L also offers a three week workshop at the end of the program to help prepare students for Medical and Dental School entrance exams. Funding for the program comes from a $1.2 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

I'm Brad Knoop for the University of Louisville and this is what's happening at U of L Now.

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