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Cardinal Singers draw international acclaim

From the University of Louisville, this is U of L Now.

The Cardinal Singers from U of L's School of Music are taking the world by storm, winning awards and drawing international acclaim.

Kent Hatteberg, Choral Activities Director

"We received a special invitation to perform at the Seventh World Symposium on choral music in Kyoto, Japan

Kent Hatteberg is the Choral Activities Director in the School of Music.

"They've heard of our school and heard of our choir and look forward to hearing us. It's very exciting"

The group captured three gold medals during performances in Germany last year. This year the singers sizzled with the first ever perfect score at the harmonious festival in Germany. The Cardinal Singers consist of about 30 students who practice twice a week except when performances approach. Then they work out about ten hours per day.

This is U of L Now and I'm Brad Knoop for the University of Louisville. Dare to be Great.

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