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U of L is getting a game plan together for General Assembly

From the University of Louisville, this is U of L Now.

U of L President Doctor Jim Ramsey is putting together a game plan that includes teamwork with state legislators as budget concerns face universities across the Commonwealth.

Ramsey says he hopes to build on the governor's budget recommendations to the General Assembly which reduces research funding and closes the door on the successful bucks for brains program.

Dr. Jim Ramsey

"I think that both the House and the Senate will want to do everything they can to build on the Governor's recommendation. I think that's been the track record in the past. The challenge will be fund sources and how to do that. I think the General Assembly recognizes the importance of research."

Bucks for Brains has allowed U of L to attract topnotch researchers and move forward with the university's state mandate of becoming a pre-eminent metropolitan research university.

Ramsey hopes lawmakers understand the vital role of higher education and where the best investments should be made.

Dr. Ramsey continues

"The data shows, clearly, in other states that the key to our economic prosperity, the key to economic opportunity, the key to economic development, is education and investment in people."

I'm Brad Knoop for the University of Louisville. This is what's happening at U of L Now.

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