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Jazz Week brings in top musicians from around the world

From the University of Louisville, this is U of L Now. It's the middle of Jazz Week at the University of Louisville's School of Music. the 13th annual event runs now through Sunday and hosts some of the most notable jazz musicians in the world.

Mike Tracy, School of Music

"Our featured artist this year will be John Hendricks, the world renowned vocalist, national jazz master. He's in his mid 80's and has been part of the music world for decades."

That's Mike Tracy in the School of Music. He cites a number of advantages the event brings to U of L students. It's a hands on musical experience second to none.

Tracy continues

"The primary reason for jazz week is to have these great artists come in to work and interact with our students. In not only a concert setting, but in clinics and rehearsals. So our kids get to sit right along with these people, who played with the likes of Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and John Coletrain."

For event and ticket information for Jazz Week 06 log on to jazz-dot-louisville-dot-edu. This is what's happening at U of L Now.

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