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U of L restates its position on a new arena in Louisville

From the University of Louisville, This is U of L Now. The location of a new Louisville arena is very important to U of L, and president Jim Ramsey says if the facility is going to be downtown, then the waterfront site is the one that sizzles and would best serve the university.

U of L President Dr. Jim Ramsey

"The attraction to the waterfront is we are taking our fine arts program just down the street to museum plaza. We have partnerships with the Ali Center, the Frazier Arms Museum, the Louisville science center. The whole museum row, a program we're developing in curatorial studies. We're almost seeing that as a third or fourth campus. What we have at the health sciences center, Belknap, Shelby and the waterfront would become another home for the University of Louisville."

Ramsey restated the university's position on the issue, saying the top choice would be on campus. But he also says the university fully supports the recommendation of the governor's task force to build an arena on the waterfront at second and main. This is what's happening at U of L now.

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