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U of L Jazz studies program takes students to Russia

From the University of Louisville, this is U of L Now. Another jazz week at the school of music is in the books but students in the Jamey Abersold Jazz Studies program are still busy tuning up. A second open world grant allows Jazz Studies Director Mike Tracy to bring Russian musicians to campus to interact with U of L students. This month, Tracy takes a quintet to St. Petersburg, Russia to play there.

Mike Tracy, School of Music

"It is amazing with Jazz throughout the world. In Russia, you would think of classical music. They have a very advanced and active jazz scene. We're having people coming here and interacting with our students. And that's why we're fortunate-- only one of four schools in the country to win this grant.

While touring Russia, Tracy and five U of L students will perform concerts with students and jazz pros from that country. This is what's happening at U of L now.

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