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Ramsey, McConnell open doors to new research building

James R. Ramsey, University of Louisville President

Today is an important day for us because we mark the opening of a big building with a big clean lab. It's one of the top five anywhere in the United States. Not just in size but in quality. With the opening of this building we continue to think big about our research programs and what we're about at the University of Louisville.

Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator

It's been my pleasure to participate over the last few years help this university achieve its mission, which is to become something extraordinary in this state. It's nice to see Jim every year with a wish list. Most of the time we've been able to be helpful. In this particular interest, we actually came up with more than you asked for. I don't think we can do that very often, but in this case things happened to work out just right.

Dr. Nancy Martin, Senior Vice President for Research

The research here is very special. First of all because it's unique and houses research not found in too many places. Second, it's truely interdisciplinary. It houses research from our Speed School, College of Arts and Sciences and Health Sciences Center. These scientists are working together in ways that until recently was very difficult to do and they're working on projects that before this was built were impossible.

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