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U of L Health Center offers patient care to race track workers

When you're just starting your day, workers at a thoroughbred race track have been at it for hours, tending to the horses. Most of the workers travel from track to track, meet to meet. And most of them do it without health insurance.

This is the Kentucky Racing Health Services Center. This is where track workers go for health care help.

Whitney Nash, Program Director

"It's primary care. Anything from cough, cold to diabetes and hypertension. Anything not work related."

Whitney Nash is the program director. She sees it as an opportunity not only to help the track workers but also for u of l students to gain valuable experience.

Nash continues

"If a licensed racetrack worker needed services they would come to the health and welfare office, get an appointment to see a provider. They found it was hard to have continuity of care. They wanted a collaboration with U of L, which offered students a chance to have clinical experience in many areas."

The center thrives from the support of the Kentucky Racing Health and Welfare Fund, created from uncashed parimutuel tickets from thoroughbred race tracks around the state. Students from U of L's Schools of Medicine and Nursing serve in the center. So do students in the Latin American Studies Program, helping translate for the large Hispanic and Latin population in the racing industry.

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