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Innovative teaching tool helps health care workers at U of L

You've heard of a bad cough. Here's a good cough.

Ruth Carrico, School of Public Health and Information Sciences

"It's a way of enabling any sort of device to demonstrate what occurs during a simulated human cough."

It's good because it's designed to help health care workers better understand how certain diseases are spread.

Ruth Carrico, an Assistant Professor of Public Health at the University of Louisville, created this cough simulation prototype.

Carrico continues

"The concept began as we worked with the standardized patient program looking to see how to incorporate visually into training any type of disease…how can we show what occurs during routine interaction with patients."

A fluorescent powder is used to simulate what's projected during a human cough. a black light then highlights where the powder landed, also showing health care workers where the potential for transmission might be when dealing with a patient presenting symptoms of a respiratory illness.

Carrico adds

"We know certain diseases have certain routes of transmission. Respiratory demonstrates when a patient coughs how that is distributed."

Health care workers at University Hospital are using the cough simulation and Carrico wants to know if this information will improve their approach to patients.

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