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U of L, other state agencies want you to help clean up our water

Whether it's for quenching a thirst or cooling off for fun, water is there. but how clean is it? Run-off pollution does occur and there's a high priority in Kentucky to fight it.

David Howarth

"We want to help that effort—to try and tell people what the factors are that impact the water and what they can do to help alleviate some of those problems."

The University of Louisville is part of the Commonwealth Water Education Project. Joined by other universities and agencies around the state, U of L has many roles in the project including coordinating teacher workshops.

Howarth continues

"it gives teachers additional information they can use for professional development… as well as getting the word out."

A website— devoted entirely to the program and shows how people can make a positive difference by adjusting habits of their daily lives.

Howarth adds

"We have to make it clear that the pollution isn't a pipe running out of a land fill, or someone dumping gas into the water supply. It's all oil and gas in parking lots that has to go somewhere when it rains, ultimately in the water supply."

Howarth also says the less pollution there is in the water the less Kentuckians will have to spend to clean.

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