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Ramsey recognizes staff for outstanding performance

September 23rd, 2008

University of Louisville President James Ramsey recognized 15 staff members for their outstanding performance with cash awards and plaques at a Sept. 22 reception and cookout. Five other staff members received framed certificates of honorable mention. Administration gives Outstanding Performance Awards annually. There were 58 nominations this year. The following information on recipients comes from nomination letters.

Clerical/ Secretarial


Mary Gayle Wrocklage

Mary Gayle Wrocklage, clerk, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Wrocklage is the face of the Department of Physics and Astronomy in many ways. She is personable and makes visitors feel welcome. Wrocklage performs secretarial work for the department. She is precise down to the smallest detail, takes initiative and is committed to producing quality work. Supervisor David Brown describes her as, “the glue that holds the department together.” She has demonstrated strength in difficult circumstances and has given support that has been beneficial to the department.



David Adams

David Adams, accountant, Office of the Controller
Adams prepares financial statements for UofL and oversees the plant and debt functions. He tracks the yearly $60 million in asset additions for Inventory Control and helps the Office of the Vice President for Finance review and analyze debt issues. Adams corrects errors in calculations and prepares financial statements. His nominators praise him for his leadership ability and commitment and for his willingness to serve and do more than is asked.


Anita Sturgill Block

Anita Sturgill Block, program director, Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning
Block is program director for Continuing Professional Education at the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning. As such, she performs a variety of tasks. She has been successful in many projects that she has undertaken. These include developing a professional development program for the Delphi Center and working with the Department of Human Resources to develop such training programs as the Supervisor Series and unit business manager training. Block is not afraid to take on additional projects, and she accomplishes them with vision and fervor. She also excels in giving excellent customer service to anyone who walks in to the center. She has a positive attitude, leadership ability and great sense of humor.


Eileen Davis

Eileen Davis, assistant director, Ulmer Career Management Center
Davis works with students to help them learn about and improve the skills they need for the working world. She developed several student workshops, including Networking for Introverts, Presentations without Panic, and the 21st Century Job Hunt. Davis also provides a management course for sophomores to prepare them for internships and to help them build their resumes. In addition to her career services responsibilities, she has recruited students for the university through athletics, freshmen kick-off, the University Graduation Fair and various College of Business events. Her nominator praises her for being encouraging, a team player and assuming additional responsibility.


Jodi Duce

Jodi Duce, unit business manager, Law Library
Duce is an integral part of the Law Library team. Her tasks include coordinating financial operation of the Law Library, managing budgets and accounts and ordering and maintaining equipment and supplies. Even with the financial turmoil that came from the state budget cuts, she found ways to cut the immediate budget and developed a plan for the future for the recurring budget. Duce also co-chaired Brandeis School of Law’s first Community Service Day. Her nominator credited her with leadership, cooperativeness and dependability.


Katherine Niehaus

Katherine Niehaus, legal assistant, University Counsel
Niehaus is a well-rounded and dedicated person and employee. She helps the provost with Redbook revisions, prepares legal documents, performs administrative duties and answers calls about a variety of information about the university. Niehaus demonstrates great knowledge and memory of university history and policies. She always keeps her cool in difficult situations and represents UofL and University Counsel well. Outside of the university, she is a huge supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s major annual fundraiser, The Great Strides Walk.


Dale Ramsay

Dale Ramsay, director, Intramural and Recreational Sports
Ramsay has served the university for more than 27 years. He uses “Dare to Play Fair” techniques to encourage sportsmanship. He has taught many HPES courses, is an official for high school and college basketball and writes a monthly article for a local sports magazine. Ramsay often volunteers to help with intramural events on weekends or his days off. He leads by his service to others; nominators praise him for having a heart for helping students as a supervisor, mentor and relationship builder.


Kevin Shively

Kevin Shively, network analyst, Information Technology
Shively has worked hard to keep technology at UofL up-to-date in a constantly changing IT world. He successfully lobbied for UofL to be a primary customer of NewNet services (a new worldwide network similar to the Internet) and worked to create a Regional Optical Network for Kentucky through which all universities in the state will be connected to Louisville and NewNet. Shively also works with UofL departments and schools on technology projects.


Maureen Slaton

Maureen Slaton, admissions coordinator, Kent School of Social Work
Since Slaton has been admissions coordinator at Kent School of Social Work, the number of student admissions has increased greatly. Her nominator praises her for her dedication and hard work and for being a good team member and leader. Slaton puts forth a lot of effort and spends a lot of time traveling to recruit students. She is responsible for student orientations every year and executes them with great success.



Kirk Williams

Kirk Williams, dialysis equipment technician, Renal Medicine, Kidney Disease Program
Williams is an extremely diligent worker. He is responsible for making sure medical equipment works properly and for making repairs when problems arise. When the department was short-staffed, he took on more responsibilities, including those normally done by the chief dialysis equipment technician. He became the most senior dialysis equipment technician after just two years of experience. Williams completes these tasks with perfection and even works many overtime hours and on holidays.

Skilled Craft/Service Workers


Keith Gowen

Keith Gowen, coordinator, Physics Technical Services, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Gowen is an experienced craftsman who builds specialized equipment for research projects and instructional labs. He often has to work with a meager budget, but he uses what he has efficiently and doesn’t buy unnecessary things. Gowen is well-liked around campus and has received work requests from almost every college or department at least once.


Susie Mangrum

Susie Mangrum, custodian, HSC Physical Plant
Mangrum is a custodian at the Abell Building and Kornhauser Health Sciences Library. She has taken on extra responsibilities when needed, including the role of acting supervisor when the department was without one. She still completed her own responsibilities. Susie has been helpful to the department during difficult times. She puts forth a lot of effort in her day-to-day responsibilities and is a dependable employee.


Gary McGuffin

Gary McGuffin, groundskeeper, Physical Plant
McGuffin helps keeps Belknap Campus looking beautiful all year long, working primarily in a 10-acre area to the east and south of Grawemeyer Hall. Among his duties are tree trimming, landscaping, cleaning and getting rid of trash. He also often does groundskeeping at Amelia Place, the UofL president’s home. McGuffin has worked for Physical Plant for almost 30 years. He has a wealth of experience and takes initiative to beautify campus. Without McGuffin, affectionately called “Gus” by many, Belknap Campus would not present the same face it does to the campus community and to visitors.


Stuart Shoemaker

Stuart Shoemaker, foreman, Paint Shop, Physical Plant
Shoemaker is responsible for all exterior painting on both Belknap and Shelby campuses. He supervises nine other painters and emphasizes working efficiently and producing quality results. He also is committed to helping the environment and is converting all paint products to those that are environmentally friendly. Shoemaker is praised for being a reliable employee and a good leader.


David Veltman

David Veltman, foreman, Steam and Chilled Water Plant, Physical Plant
Veltman is responsible for operating the Steam and Chilled Water Plant. The plant controls heating for Belknap Campus. This post is a demanding one since the plant is open around the clock from October to March. Veltman’s post often takes him to the plant at all hours of the night to troubleshoot a problem or repair equipment. He doesn’t stop until the problem is fixed. He is an efficient worker and his ability to operate and repair equipment saves the plant money.

Honorable mention
Richard Ellis, plumber, HSC Physical Plant
Clarence Johnson, custodian, HSC Physical Plant
Eddie LeMon, network services technician, Information Technology
Georgette Moore, administrative assistant to CODRE and COSW, Office of the President
Deborah Saylor, program assistant, controller’s office

Other nominees
Patricia Abell, program assistant, Physical Plant; Karen Blake, chemical regulatory specialist, Environmental Health and Safety; Stephen Bottorff, mechanical systems technician, HSC Physical Plant; John Boyd, custodian, HSC Physical Plant; Kevin Bray, custodian, HSC Physical Plant; Judy Bristow, director, grants management; Laura Byrd, outreach coordinator/counselor, Counseling Center; Karen Seng Carrow, REACH coordinator, REACH/UGA; Solomon Conley, assistant superintendent of custodial services, Physical Plant; Dennis Daunhauer, plant operator, Belknap Steam and Chilled Water Plant, Physical Plant; Tiffany Dillard, program coordinator, Arts and Sciences debate; Gary Dryden, assistant dean for finance, School of Dentistry; George Esterle, dental equipment and maintenance technician, Dental Clinic; Walter Ewing, custodian, HSC Physical Plant; Gerard Garrett, custodial supervisor, HSC Physical Plant; Lamont Goff, custodian, HSC Physical Plant; Dorothy Golden, program coordinator, UGS Administration; Rita Hackmiller, research technologist, Birth Defects Center; Regina Hardy, custodian, HSC Physical Plant; Darron Jones, custodial supervisor, HSC Physical Plant; Jessica Kidd, program assistant, political science; Mary Elizabeth Leggett, executive director of graduate admissions, Graduate School; Patricia Malone, tuition repayment specialist; Office of the Bursar; Eugene Morrow, custodian, HSC Physical Plant; Katherine Nickel, administrative assistant, School of Dentistry; Diane Penrod, unit business manager, psychological and brain sciences; Melissa Perkins, program coordinator, English; Vernice Persley, custodian, HSC Physical Plant; Amy Purcell, associate curator, Special Collections, University Libraries; Pamela Ratcliffe, research manager, Kent School of Social Work; Donnie Thomas, building systems engineer, Physical Plant; Carolyn Tidwell, custodian, HSC Physical Plant; Mary Turner, custodian, HSC Physical Plant; Debbie Walker, program assistant, Physical Plant; Pamela Watson, unit business manager, physics and astronomy; Jonetta Weber, program coordinator/director of academic services, sociology; Charles Williams, locksmith, Physical Plant; Irvin Williams, assistant superintendent, custodial services, Physical Plant.

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