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Crews continue to clean up after flood

August 5th, 2009


Carpet had to be removed from all the SPHIS basement rooms. See large image (Gallery below)

Update: Aug. 5, 1:38 p.m. Biweekly and special paychecks have been processed. Electronic and printed biweekly paychecks will not be delayed by the flood.

University of Louisville crews and contractors worked through the night Aug. 4 and continue to clean up Belknap Campus after flooding that shut down the university Tuesday.

Belknap Campus continues to be closed as crews deal with standing water and power outages in many buildings. As of 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, power was still out in at least 11 buildings and crews were still trying to remove standing water from another 12 buildings. Crawford Gym and the Houchens Building still have significant water, and the buildings on the north end of campus — including Business, Education, Music, University Club, Miller Hall and Unitas Tower — have no power.

The carpentry shop at the Service Complex suffered extensive roof damage. Also, the campus suffered significant tree damage. Crews are washing down viaducts, roadways and sidewalks, which are covered in mud and are slippery.

“We are putting all our effort into restoring the campus as soon as possible,” said Larry Owsley, vice president for business affairs. “Many of these people have worked through the night, and we’re bringing in help so we can continue to work around the clock. Our top priority is to dry out the buildings so we can get the power restored.”

Most of the Health Sciences Center campus has minimal damage. However, the School of Public Health and Information Sciences was among the worst hit buildings, with more than two feet of water. It remains closed Wednesday.

UofL flooded Tuedsay after a record amount of rainfall — more than six inches in slightly more than an hour — hit Louisville.

The east and north sides of Belknap Campus were hardest hit; about 30 employees at the Houchens Building were stranded and rescued by the Louisville Metro Swift Water Rescue Team. At least one employee was injured, suffering a broken wrist. Some cars along South Brook Street and Floyd Street were submerged.

In addition to significant water damage at the School of Public Health and Information Sciences, six buildings on the Health Sciences Center campus lost electricity.

“We feel fortunate there werenᰱt any serious injuries on campus,” said UofL President James Ramsey. “Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated staff and faculty, I’m sure we’ll rebound quickly from this terrible storm.”

While Belknap Campus and the School of Public Health and Information Science were closed Wednesday, the rest of the Health Sciences Center campus and Shelby Campus remained open.

Photo gallery — Flood cleanup