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Rice visits U of L as guest of McConnell Center

March 9th, 2004

McConnell scholar Mary Scott Roberts presents Condoleezza Rice, national security adviser for President George W. Bush, with a personalized Louisville Slugger baseball bat. Rice visited the University of Louisville March 8 as a guest of the McConnell Center for Political Leadership. She met with McConnell scholars and addressed a group of about 1,200 people from the university and the community.
An expert on Russia and the former Soviet Union, Rice compared the war on terrorism to the Cold War. She noted that the Cold War took nearly 50 years to win, and that realizing the current vision of a "freer, safer, better world" also could take decades. Americans, she said, must stay the course as they have always done. "The effort and wait will be worth it," Rice said.
Rice is the first woman to occupy the post of national security adviser to the president of the United States. She served on the staff of the National Security Council under the first President Bush and is a former provost of Stanford University, where she holds a faculty post.
The McConnell Center for Political Leadership is a non-partisan center founded in 1991 that attracts students from around Kentucky and grooms them for effective leadership. Its lecture series is designed to introduce students to top political and government leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds.

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