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What’s New?

I wish all of our alumni could have attended the Speed School Honors and Awards banquet at the Seelbach Hotel on April 13. It personified the best of Speed School and engineering education. The room was filled with several hundred scholars, proud parents, faculty, staff and friends, including alumni. It was a truly inspiring evening.

Even if you weren’t there, your presence was felt. For example, departmental prizes were awarded in your name as a member of the Speed School Alumni Association. This was in addition to scholarship money awarded by your alumni council to entice the best and brightest to attend Speed.

Your alumni council supports Speed School in several ways, including:

Our Challenge to You

Alums: Become an active participant helping Speed School by becoming part of our board, serving on one of our committees or just joining us for lunch. If you can’t participate otherwise, just send money.

Students: Remain in touch after graduation through the Speed School Web site and Alumni Association.

By the time you read this we will have a new dean. Let’s help him get off to a good start as he endeavors to make Speed an even greater engineering school.

Dick Ernst '53S
President, Speed School Alumni Council

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